Commercial Lighting

We understand the importance of reducing energy consumption for property and facility managers, especially when agreeing to a long lease agreement.

Our team’s experience in working with businesses through commercial refurbishments is second to none. We specialise in reducing energy consumption using new LED lighting technology, delivering a drastic reduction in energy consumption for lighting and improving the working environment for employees.

Here are a few reasons why commercial buildings should specify LED lights:

Low maintenance cost. An LEDs lifespan can be over 50,000 hours with consistent light output. LEDs are a well-established technology meaning the need for maintenance is minimal. This is supported by long product warranties to give you peace of mind.

Increased energy savings. LEDs use up to 70% less energy than older lights, that’s a big number! 20% of the world’s electrical usage goes towards lighting. Therefore, lowering the carbon footprint of a business makes choosing LEDs an important factor in the fight against climate change too.

Improved working environment. The benefits of LEDs are linked to the fact they emit light that is closer to natural daylight than original fluorescent lamps. Natural light has been shown to improve concentration, energy, mood and decrease the occurrence of headaches. Businesses specifying LED lights can benefit from a more motivated and healthier workforce.

Intelligent fittings. LED lights can be specified with controls, such as daylight harvesting and sensors to save more energy. Being fully dimmable, LEDs have an extended lifetime and makes for greater energy savings over its long lifespan.

Eye-catching LEDs for your workspace

The benefits of choosing LEDs over fluorescent or incandescent are there for all to see, but one of the main reasons LED lights continue to be so popular are the flexible design and aesthetic options.

The eye-catching and unique lights are unrivaled by the outdated lighting methods. Designers are always looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible with design and functionality in office spaces, and with the versatility LED lights offer, they’re able to achieve just that.

The bespoke shapes, different angles, a plethora of colours and the energy efficiency of commercial LED lights make them the ideal choice when fitting out a commercial premise.

Flick Lighting

Our sister company, Flick Lighting has an extensive range of LED lighting helps deliver projects within the Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Health, Leisure and Educational markets. Flick Lighting focus on long-term growth and stability, achieved by delivering market-leading products, backed by excellent customer service.

Product Examples

"When it comes to funding your LED lighting upgrade, there are multiple options available. From grants to leasing options and interest free loans, we explore every available avenue to ensure you are making the right decision for your business."