Energy Saving Calculator

It’s estimated that on average lighting accounts for 20% of the total energy consumed in commercial and industrial buildings each year…

Complete the steps below to find out how much energy your business could be saving on lighting with Flick Energy Solutions or book a discovery call to run through the calculator with a member of our expert team.

Please note, the figures in the calculator are for guidance only, actual energy consumption and associated savings may vary. Book a discovery call with one of our expert team to get a more accurate picture of your current lighting and suitable upgrades.

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Step 1: Do you know what kind of light fittings you have?

There are 4 common light fittings used in commercial buildings. Take a look at the images below, which option looks the most like your current fittings? You’ll need this for step 2…

Panel Fitting

Bulkhead Fitting

Batten Fitting

Hi Bay Fitting

Step 2: Complete the calculator

Complete the fields below as accurately as you can to see the energy and money saving you can expect from a lighting upgrade. Your result is tailored to your specific usage!

Step 3: Book a discovery call

Now you know how much you could be saving on your lighting, book a discovery call to chat through your results and book a FREE energy audit. Your results will also be emailed to you for future reference.

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