Industrial Lighting

We have extensive experience in helping businesses in the industrial sector to reduce energy consumption and save money. Many companies lose thousands each year through a lack of clarity over energy spend and extensive use of inefficient equipment. We offer a complete solution to enhance lighting levels, lower maintenance costs and reduce the overall energy consumption of your company.

Spaces such as warehouses will require an equal distribution of light to ensure workers are safe and can perform their job to the best of their abilities. The flexibility of LED lights will allow for this, without sacrificing light quality and design.

Key benefits of industrial LED lighting

Reduced energy consumption. LEDs use up to 70% less energy than older lights, that’s a big number! 20% of the world’s electrical usage goes towards lighting. Therefore, lowering the carbon footprint of a business makes choosing LEDs an important factor in the fight against climate change too.

Out of all forms of lighting, LED offers the biggest return on investment. The efficiency and lifespan of LED lights is much higher than incandescent and fluorescent lamps; up to 20 times longer usually. The reason they last so much longer is because LEDs waste very little energy on heat, therefore focusing on the production of light.

Low maintenance cost. An LEDs lifespan can be over 50,000 hours with consistent light output; compared to 1,500 hours for those traditional incandescent lights. LEDs are a well-established technology meaning the need for maintenance is minimal. This is supported by long product warranties to give you peace of mind.

LEDs are one of the most accessible green technologies available in the market. Using LEDs in industrial settings will not only lower maintenance costs, but actually save huge amounts of money on energy bills and replacement fittings.

Increased productivity. The workplace environment has a big influence on the mental state of those who use it day in day out. On average, workers in Britain spend almost 2,000 hours a year in the workplace. Employees want workers to be as productive as possible during this time. This can be directly affected by how a workspace is lit.

The benefits of LEDs are linked to the fact they emit light that is closer to natural daylight than original fluorescent lamps. Natural light has been shown to improve concentration, energy, mood and decrease the occurrence of headaches. Businesses specifying LED lights can benefit from a more motivated and healthier workforce.

The Need for Custom Solutions

The days of one size fits all lighting are gone. LED luminaires come in all shapes and sizes, and thanks to the innovative technology of the light emitting diode, lighting companies such as Flick Lighting are able to build luminaires to fit the size and light levels of any project.

Product Examples

"When it comes to funding your LED lighting upgrade, there are multiple options available. From grants to leasing options and interest free loans, we explore every available avenue to ensure you are making the right decision for your business."