Abbey College


Abbey College is a secondary academy school in Cambridgeshire with over 1,800 pupils. Since the 1950’s when the school was built, Abbey College has had multiple extra blocks added. As many of them were still original buildings, the install for this job was more challenging than most.


For Abbey College we installed a total of 595 internal lights, which consisted of 10 emergency lights and 443 1500mm baton fittings as these were favourable to achieve the aspirations the school had for this project.

The hardest task to combat for the Abbey College project was time. Prior to installation of all projects a comprehensive asbestos study is completed, with Abbey College a high amount of asbestos was discovered in the ceilings. Unfortunately, this meant that lighting could not be fitted until the problem was resolved. With all school projects, the 6-week summer break is prime time for installation to avoid disruption of the pupils. However, Hawker Construction and Anco Electrical Contractors worked tirelessly to ensure that installation was completed safely and in a timely manner within the 6-weeks, despite delays. 


After contact was made with Flick Energy Solutions and a free on-site energy audit was carried out, Abbey College were able to access funding from Salix Finance. In total the new lighting fixtures fitted on the property meant a saving of £13,373 per annum, with a project lifetime of 25 years.

1. Total savings per annum: £13,373

2. Return on investment: 7.35 years

3. Reduction of Carbon: 34.23 tonnes


Original Total KWh Load


New Total KWh Load

59% Energy Reduction

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