The Bewdley School


The Bewdley School is a Secondary School with a separate Sixth Form maintained by Worcestershire County Council. Nestling next to the banks of the Severn, the school has extensive grounds; many of the buildings have been recently updated, including the Gallery, Sixth Form Café and ‘state of the art’ Science Block. The Bewdley school pride themselves on being well maintained and chose Flick Energy Solutions to help them upkeep their high standards.

The main concern for The Bewdley School was their high overhead costs, as some parts of the school were built in the 50’s, most of the lighting fixtures were outdated fluorescent lamps that consume a high amount of energy. The Site Team ‘didn’t realise how much maintenance lighting could be’ and found they were spending a vast amount of time and money maintaining the old lighting, when in fact, it may be cheaper and more convenient to change the fixtures altogether. The school were also looking to upgrade to LEDs to produce a warmer and more inviting learning environment for students, in the hope of modernising the look of the school.

Bewdley School Lighting Class
Bewdley School Classroom Lighting


Areas of particular concern for The Bewdley School were the Sixth-Form Block, cafeteria, and science block, however, the install involved various spaces including hallways, lecture rooms, classrooms, lifts, science labs, water closets and offices. After assessing the property during an on-site visit, Flick Energy Solutions decided on a wide range of fixtures suitable for the different areas such as lowbays, downlighters, panels and linear fixtures.

Bewdley School Classroom Lighting System
Bewdley School Testimonials


After the initial contact was made, Flick Energy Solutions were able to organise funding with Salix Finance for The Bewdley School in just two weeks. In total, 806 new lighting fixtures were fitted on the property taking The Bewdley School’s current annual energy and maintenance costs from £25,362 to £8,385, meaning a saving of £16,977 a year.

  • Return on investment: 5.89 years
  • Cost per tonne of carbon saved: £107.34
  • Annual Energy Saving: 121,261.52(kW)


“I would recommend Flick Energy Solutions; the experience was very in depth and painless. Flick took time and attention to detail, and everything was sorted straight away. Communication was key and particularly great between the school, the contractors and Flick”

“The biggest difference was the larger spaces, especially in the older blocks as the buildings have less windows but are now very bright. Some of the students even noticed that the new lights were quieter than the previous ones, that hummed whilst turned on!”

– Andy Whordley, The Bewdley School Operations Manager


Original Total KWh Load


New Total KWh Load

67% Energy Reduction