Combat Sports Centre


Combat Sports Centre, Solihull is one of the largest boxing and martial arts centres in the UK and is the HQ for the International Kickboxing Academy. Flick Energy Solutions were invited to offer an intelligent energy solution with the aim of adding ambiance to the centre. Combat Sports Centre ‘pride themselves on their friendly and welcoming environment’ and ‘aim to deliver sessions of the highest quality’ which can only be done in an equally high-quality environment. Owner, Paul Gilmore wanted to utilise the RGB LED lighting strips to create the perfect environment for his sessions and further boost the atmosphere for the centres fight nights. Working with Flick Energy Solutions he was able to achieve this.

“Great service and great sales representative. I’m really happy and would definitely do business with Flick Energy Solutions in the future. What made FES stand out to me is the quality of the products they use.”

– Owner, Paul Gilmore