Park Lane Fencing


We completed phase 1 for Park Lane Fencing around 18 months ago; using Flick Lighting’s LIBERTY fitting, which utilises the latest in high efficiency Samsung LED chip technology for an interior project. Park Lane Fencing’s next challenge was their external lighting.


PLF had previously replaced their external flood lighting with imported products that didn’t achieve lighting levels and ultimately failed. They chose Flick as they appreciated that we are a local business that only uses products made in Britain. With 5 am starts, it is crucial that the staff at PLF can clearly see when loading for the day ahead, which is why they chose Flick’s BENTLEY flood lights with lumen outputs up to 31900 delivered lumens and efficacy at up to 127 Ll/cw.


‘Opening at 5 am when it’s still dark out is no longer an issue, with our new external flood lighting it’s almost like working in daylight anyway. I would absolutely recommend Flick’
– Jason Sheward, Park Lane Fencing Owner.


1. Cost per tonne of carbon saved: £47.40

2. Annual energy saving: 20,951.70 (kW)

3. Cost saving over life of lamps: £67,045.44

4. CO2 saving (tonnes): 7.28


Years to Return on Investment

72% Energy Reduction


Annual cost saving (£)