Prime7 Multi Academy Trust


Prime7 Multi Academy Trust was founded in 2013, made up of Middleton Cheney Primary Academy, King’s Sutton Primary Academy and Chipping Warden Primary Academy.

In 2021, the Trust developed a plan aiming to reduce their carbon footprint, meet sustainability goals and help the UK Government meet their Net Zero targets.

Prime7 noticed that there was an opportunity to become more sustainable by changing their lighting system. Most traditional lighting sources turn the majority of the energy they use to heat, allocating only 10% of energy to actual light production.

Flick Energy Solutions helped Prime7 to achieve this goal by installing Flick Lighting products that last up to 80,000 hours. Improving classroom, office and communal environments with better lighting levels, using less wattage across the Trust.


Flick Energy Solutions were contracted to install LED lighting across all three buildings to improve energy efficiency and power saving. However, we had a challenge on our hands, full delivery and installation was required in just one weekend. 

We had delivery at 4pm on the Friday after school close and spent all day Saturday undertaking installation. Following this, we carried out waste removal and left each school clean to a high standard. 

We installed:

  • 130 LED’s at Kings Sutton
  • 189 LED’s at Middleton Cheney
  • 109 LED’s at Chipping Warden

We managed to successfully complete the LED lighting installation in a timely manner and received sign-off on the Monday.


Flick Energy Solutions provided LED delivery, complete installation and waste removal (a+ Clean) during the weekend, with minimal disruption to staff and students.

With our support, the Trust has successfully contributed to their sustainability plan by:

Kings Sutton

  • Annual Cost Saving: £2,576.95
  • Payback: 4.69 Years
  • Tonnes of Carbon saved: 6.22

Middleton Cheney

  • Annual Cost Saving: £4,672.85
  • Payback 4.93 Years
  • Tonnes of Carbon Saved: 11.28

Chipping Warden

  • Annual Cost Saving: £2,830.29
  • Payback 3.54 Years
  • Tonnes of Carbon Saved: 6.48

All figures based on current energy tariff @ 0.1518p kWh. With Prices now double this and rising the ROI would hugely reduce.


Tonnes of Carbon Saved


PA Cost Savings

71% Energy Reduction