Ridgeway Academy


Ridgeway Academy is an 11-18 secondary school and sixth form situated in Hertfordshire with over 900 pupils.  In the 1950’s, two new schools were planned to serve the rapidly expanding housing developments; High School, Herns Lane which opened in 1956, and Attimore Secondary Modern School, which opened in 1960. In 1968 the two schools were amalgamated into one, furthermore, in September 2018 the school joined the Alban Academies Trust and was renamed Ridgeway Academy.


As Ridgeway is a large school spread across two blocks and built in the 1950’s/60’s, the lighting was extremely varied, and most was merely maintained over time meaning it was due for a much-needed energy upgrade. Funding was secured through Salix Finance to ensure the older high-energy usage fittings were changed to Flick LED Fittings. This allowed us to install over 1,190 new LED lights for the school which primarily consisted of batten luminaires (820), recessed modular panels (244), surface fittings (74), and downlighters (56); many with additional emergency features.

Installation was complicated due to the vast amount of ageing buildings, the site team worked hard with the contractors to ensure the installation was possible whilst holiday clubs and sports events were running through the summers and autumn holidays. Ridgeway school has fantastic sports facilities with existing smart controls for the lighting. Working with the Academy and understanding their needs made it possible to redesign and use existing fixtures where needed, saving on waste and keeping the integrity of the existing areas.


1. Cost per tonne of carbon saved: £91.09

2. Annual energy saving (kW): 197,653.92

3. Cost saving over life of lamps: £929,250.14

4. CO2 saving (tonnes): 68.68

Pre-project  Post-project 
Energy Usage (kWh) 269,637.12 71,983.20
Operating Costs £38,030 £10,153


Years to Return on Investment

73% Energy Reduction


Annual cost saving (£)