Sir William Ramsey School


Sir William Ramsay School is a co-educational secondary school in Buckinghamshire, with a total of approximately 1,180 pupils. The school were conscious they had high energy consumption; therefore, this project was very much geared towards energy saving. They also had a goal to increase lighting levels to create a better working environment for students.


For Sir William Ramsey School we installed a total of 599 internal lights, which consisted of 19 emergency fittings and 371, 1500mm baton fittings as these were favourable to achieve the aspirations the school had for this project.

During completion of the installation, Sir William Ramsey also requested we replace their external lighting, for this we installed a total of 77 lighting fixtures. Although this was a last-minute addition to the project, we were still able to complete both the internal and external lighting within the 6-week time frame given. This allowed us to avoid disruption of the pupils return to school.


1. Total savings per annum: £11,922.61

2. Reduction of Carbon: 36.63 tonnes

3. Total amount of lights installed: 676


“The lighting project ran well. The team that worked on site had been great throughout with fantastic communication. The school has more of a modern feel to it, and staff have already commented on how much better the lighting is in their rooms!”

– Mike Bardi, Sir William Ramsey School Site Manager


Original Total KWh Load


New Total KWh Load

64% Energy Reduction

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