Verulam School


Verulam School is a state secondary school for boys with academy status in Hertfordshire, UK. It is a smaller than average senior school built in the late 1930’s and on a whole is fairly modern. They decided to undergo various renovations to maintain the modern feel of the school; one being installing energy efficient LED lighting.


Verulam was awarded funding, provided by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and delivered by Salix Finance. This allowed us to install over 875 new LED lights for the school which primarily consisted of recessed modular panels, batten luminaires and surface fittings with additional emergency features.


1. Cost per tonne of carbon saved: £70.03

2. Annual energy saving: 174,756 (kW)

3. Cost saving over life of lamps: £859,799.52

4. CO2 saving (tonnes): 60.73

Pre-project  Post-project 
Energy Usage (kWh) 232,243.20 57,487.20
Operating Costs £34,279 £8,485


Years to Return on Investment

75% Energy Reduction


Annual cost saving (£)