Welland Park Academy


Welland Park Academy is an oversubscribed 11-16 Community College in Market Harborough. Welland Park have a fantastic theatre, hosting many shows throughout the years. However, the original fluorescent lights had begun to fail, thus costing the school money, and causing delays to productions.

School Lighting System


The theatre was due to be specified with like for like fittings as before. However, the Head of Drama asked the question about upgrading the lighting to a fully controlled LED lighting solution with dimmable and zoned features. The team at Flick Energy Solutions were able to re-design the theatre’s lighting and quote for the upgrade to a more energy-efficient and reliable solution. Welland Park Academy agreed to the suggested plans and sourced funding to achieve this. The installation ran seamlessly and was completed during the school holidays before students returned. This meant there were no delays to school timetables and the theatre was able to host shows immediately.


Flick Energy Solutions also provided 600 new LED fittings for the remaining blocks within the school. Due to government changes, such as Brexit, time was of the essence However, working with the principal contractor, the Flick team managed staged deliveries throughout the summer holidays to ensure the works were complete in time for the students to return.

1. Return on investment: 4.2 years

2. Reduction of Carbon: 1572.66

3. Cost per tonne of carbon saved: £61.73


Original Total KWh Load


New Total KWh Load

59% Energy Reduction

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