Retail Lighting

Many businesses in the retail industry often face a challenge in keeping energy consumption to a minimum. With several factors to deal with, such as long working hours, little downtime and energy intensive equipment being used for large periods of time, many businesses often overlook the energy being wasted through ageing lighting units.

Our team of LED lighting specialists are experienced in achieving significant savings for companies of all sizes.

Benefits of LED lighting in retail

Low maintenance cost. An LEDs lifespan can be over 50,000 hours with consistent light output. LEDs are a well-established technology meaning the need for maintenance is minimal. This means downtime in a retail outlet is kept to a minimum.

Increased energy savings. LEDs use up to 70% less energy than older lights, that’s a big number! 20% of the world’s electrical usage goes towards lighting. Therefore, lowering the carbon footprint of a business makes choosing LEDs an important factor in the fight against climate change too.

Improved working environment. The benefits of LEDs are linked to the fact they emit light that is closer to natural daylight than original fluorescent lamps. Natural light has been shown to improve concentration, energy, mood and decrease the occurrence of headaches. Businesses specifying LED lights can benefit from a more motivated and healthier workforce.

Intelligent fittings. LED lights can be specified with controls, such as daylight harvesting and sensors to save more energy. Being fully dimmable, LEDs have an extended lifetime and makes for greater energy savings over its long lifespan. Smart lighting in a store can highlight the products or brands on sale

LED lighting not only decreases your energy bills but increases your sales performance!

The right type of lighting is crucial to create an appealing environment that buyers will feel influenced to purchase goods. LEDs can enhance the look and feel of products in stores, making the job of a sales assistant easier. It’s no wonder why LEDs are quickly becoming the preferred choice of lighting for retail stores.

Business owners are now integrating intelligent lighting systems and controls that save energy and result in workspace efficiency. Also, LED lights can be digital controlled. These intelligent controls make it possible to divide the store into zones, and lights get automatically turned off or dimmed whenever they are not needed. With the integration of occupancy sensors, the lights can be turned off automatically when no movement is sensed.

Product Examples

"When it comes to funding your LED lighting upgrade, there are multiple options available. From grants to leasing options and interest free loans, we explore every available avenue to ensure you are making the right decision for your business."